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Lace up your walking shoes it's time to start walking!  

As a Founding Member, you’ll enjoy access to…  

  • An enthusiastic walking mentor (that's me) who will support and encourage you on your journey
  • Your Success Plan, so you can identity your current activity level and learn what it takes to progress to the next level 
  • A tracking calendar, so you can document your progress AND earned activity points  
  • A Scavenger Hunt list, so you can start having more fun on your walks
  • A closed Facebook group (community), so you can share your successes, ask questions, and connect with fellow walkers
  • The Healthier Habits Starter Program, so you can adopt healthier habits into your every day life
  • The Healthier Habits Foundation modules, so you can recognize and overcome your mindset blocks that have kept you from successfully changing your daily routines in the past.

As a Founding Member your investment is only $10 per month for as long as you remain a member. 

P.S. If you aren't completely satisfied, cancel within the first 30 days for a full refund. 

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Meet Your Mentor

I’m Donna Doyon. 

I created this Walk with Me community to help YOU become a healthier version of yourself.  

Having lived a less-than-healthy lifestyle for decades, I finally turned that behavior around.  

I went from binge watching TV reruns (and then Netflix series) to climbing mountains and running half marathons. I went from eating Doritos chips for lunch to eating sliced apples and turkey breast. I went from longing for washboard abs to... well, longing for washboard abs... but now I am performing planks daily and can see some muscle definition in that area!  

And you know what?  

It wasn’t that hard to make the transition. It didn’t take a lot of time. It didn’t take a lot of energy.  

It took ZERO motivation!  

Donna before

My transformation started when I made walking a part of my daily routine. I took those first hesitant, reluctant steps out my front door. And I walked every day.  

Now some days, you might look at how far I walked, or how fast I walked, and think, “That’s not really walking.” But whether it was an unnecessary walk to the mailbox, or a lap around the living room, I intentionally walked extra steps every day. And yes, I called that walking.  

Think of it like those days when you are running late in the morning and you still need to brush your teeth. You squeeze a dab of toothpaste on the toothbrush, give your teeth a quick swipe and call brushing good. Same thing. 😊  

When you start something new, the results don’t matter as much as practicing the action.  

Walking is a habit.  

And I’m a woman who lives by my daily routine… my habits.

So, once I FINALLY applied my own system of creating habits to get things done, it was a piece of cake bunch of grapes.  

You see, I’ve been a long-time goal-setter and goal-getter. When I wanted to accomplish something, I created new habits to support that goal. I built action into my daily routine to move me toward that goal.  

Turns out, it works just as well on health and fitness goals, too!  

I know how to fit new habits into my current routine. I can teach you how to do it, too.  

You WILL need to tap into the strength of your inner warrior to do it. It’s could be tough to change the mental and physical conditioning you’ve practiced for decades. But it WILL be worth it.  

The toughest part, though, could be focusing your energy on YOU and not everyone else in your world.  

This Walk with Me community will supply tools, techniques, and the support you need to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.  

It all begins when you take that first step.  

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