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Unleash Your Inner Warrior and Reclaim your Right to Good Health and Happiness

Embrace your inner Xena, Katniss Everdeen, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Wonder Woman as you embark on the training experience that will transform your life!

Limited to 10 


(Pilot Program)

You say you want to be healthier. You say

  • I should eat healthier foods.
  • I should exercise each day.
  • I should make time to relax.

That's what you say... 

But what do you do each day?  

You spend your days doing the same things you do every day. You focus your time, energy, and attention on your family, your job, or your home. 

You hit the snooze button twice. You drink your coffee. You leave for work at the same time each morning. You work thru lunch. You stay late. You curse the traffic on your drive home. You go to the store. You fix dinner. You do laundry. You watch TV. And you go to bed.

Day in. Day out. Decade in. Decade out. 

You live your life by the routines and habits you've developed over the decades. Each one supports your life and without those routines, you feel like your world will crumble.

Yes, you want to be healthier. But when the heck are you supposed to fit THAT in to your daily routine?

You might joke that you are waiting for your fairy godmother to show up and wave her magic wand.  

*Poof* You are healthy and wealthy and wise!  

But you know that isn't going to happen. 

You know there isn't a magic wand that can make you healthier. You know there isn’t a secret potion you can drink.

All you know, is that you dread each year that passes. 

Not only for the wrinkles on your face, or the brown spots that adorn your hands, but because you know that the longer you wait to focus on your health, the harder it will be to make significant improvements to it. 

And if you think a warrior must be young, beautiful and strong, you are right!  

And yes, that warrior is YOU!  

Your inner warrior is young, vital, strong.

She is the wisdom of your years. 

She is the beauty of your heart. 

She is your determination to love, protect, and heal those you love most.  

She is you!  

What she knows, but that you may have forgotten, is that you have the POWER to make the changes you need to make in your life. You have the power of your daily HABITS to help you improve your health!  

You know... those daily routines that others think keep you from living a spontaneous, carefree life? The ones that allow you to do more for others because you are so consistent in what you do, and when you do it? The ones that give your life rock-solid stability that others count upon?  

Those same daily routines are what will take you from feeling POWERLESS to POWERFUL as you finally focus some time and energy on your own health goals.


Your inner warrior has overlooked your needs for too long. 

She thought you were doing okay. 

She thought she could focus her time and energy on others.  

Now she needs to battle against your long-time less-than-healthy habits. She is confident!  

Now she needs to face the opposition of your inner critic and any external forces who try to hold your past attempts to live healthier against you. She is capable!  

Now she needs to seek out opportunities you have been blind to in the past. She will be your counsel! 


You have the skills you need to live healthier. You have the tools you need to make the changes you need to make.

But if your Inner Warrior is feeling uncertain, scared, or defeated... if she needs an advisor to train and guide her as she embarks on this lifelong quest of health and happiness, this is your opportunity to receive that training!

The Healthier Habits Intensive Training program will follow the same habit-based system I used to go from being a 183-lb couch potato to a 130-lb half marathon runner and mountain climbing maniac. It's the same system I used to earn two college degrees and self-publish my first book.

In fact, it's the same system you use every day to get your crap done! You just need to learn how to focus some time and energy on your needs and not just everyone else's.

And THAT is what the Healthier Habits Intensive Training program is all about. It's helping YOU tweak your daily habits, so that you can live healthier and happier

Because once you set your mind on your health, and take daily actions to improve it, everything else will take care of itself… 

  • You’ll focus on small daily actions, so you'll always treat your health as a priority 
  • You’ll deal with the occasional self-doubt and the lapses in behavior, so you’ll always be able to pick yourself up and move forward again 
  • You’ll feel the pride of knowing that you’ve taken care of your health each and every day, so you’ll keep taking action to continue feeling that pride 
  • You’ll confidently state what you need regarding time for exercising, meal prep, money management or relationship growing, so you’ll never neglect your own well-being again 
  • You’ll practice habits that you determine are a good fit for your goals and your life, so you’ll choose to keep them as part of your daily routine  

You are worth it.Train for battle! 

For the first time, I am offering 1-on-1 habit strategy training 

Limited to 10 warriors-in-training

Your Intensive Training will focus on your physical health:

Exercising & Eating

Making small changes & better choices 

Supportive training will be provided in these 3 areas:

Enjoying the People Around You

Managing personal and professional relationships in a way that fosters self respect and love

Feeling Your Feelings

Expressing your emotions in a positive, non-destructive way

Dealing with Life

Recognizing reality and coping with changes of daily life

This 30-day training program includes…  

  • Two 60-minute 1-on-1 calls to discuss, create, and tweak your customized, action-based healthier habit strategy 
  • Unlimited e-mail support between calls. I will answer your questions, provide encouragement, offer resources and exercises to help you overcome obstacles that keep you from focusing on your healthier habits 
  • Weekday check-ins for accountability and to allow us to make quick tweaks to your program

Your investment in your future health and happiness is just $497 $297 for the first 10 warriors-in-training only

Meet Your Trainer

I’m Donna Doyon, but you can call me Xena!  

I created Healthier Habits Intensive Training to help YOU become a healthier version of yourself.  

Having lived a less-than-healthy lifestyle for decades, I finally turned that behavior around.  

I went from binge watching TV reruns (and then Netflix series) to climbing mountains and running half marathons. I went from eating Doritos chips for lunch to eating sliced apples and turkey breast. I went from longing for washboard abs to... well, longing for washboard abs... but now I am performing planks daily and can see some muscle definition in that area!  

And you know what?  

It wasn’t that hard to make the transition. It didn’t take a lot of time. It didn’t take a lot of energy.  

It took ZERO motivation!  

Donna before

Once I FINALLY applied my own system of creating habits to get things done, it was a piece of cake bunch of grapes.  

You see, I’ve been a long-time goal-setter and goal-getter. When I wanted to accomplish something, I created new habits to support that goal. I built action into my daily routine to move me toward that goal.  

Turns out, it works just as well on health and fitness goals, too!  

I know how to fit new habits into my current routine. I can teach you how to do it, too.  

You WILL need to tap into the strength of your inner warrior to do it. It’s going to be tough to change the mental and physical conditioning you’ve practiced for decades. But it WILL be worth it.  

The toughest part, though, will be focusing your energy on YOU and not everyone else in your world.

This Intensive Training program will provide the tools, techniques, and tough love, you need to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.  

Be Your Healthiest Self

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does the Healthier Habits Intensive Training program cost?

A. Your investment in your future health and happiness is just $497 $247 if you are one of the first 10 warriors-in-training.

Because this is a new program, I am offering 1-on-1 training at a reduced price. In exchange, if you are satisfied with your results, I will ask you to provide a testimonial for the program. 

Q. Okay, I push the "I want to be a warrior button." What happens next?

A. When you click on one of those buttons, you will be directed to my appointment calendar. Complete the information requested and pick a time for us to chat. If you need an early morning or evening appointment time, please send me an e-mail to ddoyon (at) donnadoyon.com (use the proper e-mail addresses format though) with your availability. I'm sure we can work something out. Be sure to include your time zone!

At the scheduled time, we'll begin creating your healthier habits strategy. If we determine this Intensive Training program is a good fit for both of us, I'll send you a PayPal invoice for the program. At approximately the half way mark, we will schedule your first 1:1 call to tweak your program. The second 1:1 call will occur near the end of the 30-days so we can ensure you are ready to conquer your health goals on your own

Q. I have a specific health area that I would like help improving. Do you take requests? 

A. Yes! This INTENSIVE program was created to meet YOUR needs. The primary focus will typically be on physical health, The secondary (or support) focuses will be on mental, emotional, and social health. All of these aspects of health are vital to feeling truly satisfied and happy with your life. If you are interested, and as they impact your physical health, we can also introduce habits to improve your financial and spiritual needs.

Because we are working from the foundation of your current habits, we can build several to many new focuses into your daily routine. 

Please note: I am NOT a physican, healthcare practictioner, or licensed therapist. My expertise is in developing strategic action-based habits that transform your health. If you have any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual concerns, please contact the appropriate professional.

Q. I'm still not sure this is a good fit for me. How can I know?

A. The first question I ask you is this... do you have a morning routine? A morning routine that is so strongly ingrained in your mind that you can recite every action you take before you head out the door to go to work? Do you have a routine for when you get home from work? Do you put your car keys in the same spot every time you walk in the door? What about your bedtime routine? If people have told you they know what time it is based on what you are doing, this program will work for you.

If you enjoy a more haphazard approach to your days, this program is not a good fit. Simply because you do not yet have the foundation to build upon. If you are interested in learning HOW to develop habits, please contact me directly.

For other questions, you can e-mail me at ddoyon (at) donnadoyon.com OR send me a Facebook message 

For more indepth questions, schedule a time to chat. I would love to hear your concerns and answer your questions. Click here to: Schedule a date to chat.