C - Missing Piece

The Missing Piece: 

How to invite more joy into your seemingly perfect life

A 5-part video series

Start living a more joy-filled life today!

Help me find what's missing!

If you live a seemingly "perfect" life... you know... a nice home, a decent job, solid relationships, and a good outlook on life... but you feel a smidgeon of dissatisfaction, a niggling restlessness, a sense that there is something more... you are right! There is more! 

This 5-part video series will uncover the "missing piece" and help you invite more joy into your every day life.

What people are saying...

"What a great series. And I LOVE the hierarchy of needs!" ~ Annie

"Joy...listening to the birds chirp and sing in the early morning. If I am not already awake, they wake me up to joy. Love what you have to say, and look forward to tomorrow." ~ Paula

"Bring on the joy!!!!" ~ AnneMerle

"So nicely presented. Your video was clear and easy to follow. I liked your message about not forgetting the self. Great use if the image of Ariel singing, "I want more". I started singing the song in my head as I listened." ~ A viewer

"I love how much energy and enthusiasm you can fit into just a few seconds:) I love all your fun ideas on how to play even in meetings. You rock!!!" ~ Vanessa

"You speak with such clarity and conviction, that really got me excited! I love doodling in my journal but I don't do that as much anymore. I'll definitely be adding that back in." ~ Abigail

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