C - Reclaim Your Time

5-Day Reclaim Your Time Challenge

Yes! I want to more time!

This challenge is for you if...  

  • you ever feel frustrated because you don't have enough time to spend with the people you care about the most
  • you wish you had more time to pursue the goals that would bring personal meaning and joy to your life 
  • you are ready to break the patterns of daily living to free up precious minutes and hours so you can do more than mundane everyday chores 

This challenge consists of...  

An introductory message - 1:54 minutes  

Short daily audio lessons with downloadable worksheets:  

Day 1 - 5:31 minutes  

Day 2 - 4:53 minutes  

Day 3 - 5:27 minutes  

Day 4 - 6:17 minutes  

Day 5 - 5:21 minutes  

Recap - 1:42 minutes  

Each day you will receive an e-mail message to remind you to click on over to this course so you can listen to that day's challenge.  

Tip #1 for Your Success: Each day a new lesson will become available to you. If you miss a day, two or more days' lessons will be available. Don't try to catch up! Instead just pick up where you left off. Rushing thru the lessons may reduce their impact. Take the time to really consider how you spend your time and decide if you are ready and willing to break some comfortable patterns so that you can reclaim that valuable time.  

Tip #2 for Your Success: These audio files can be downloaded to your mobile device. Listen to them while exercising or driving to work or household chores.  

And just so you know...  

This is NOT a time management course!  

This challenge is NOT going to tell you how to manage your time more effectively. It is NOT going to teach you to multi-task more effectively. It is NOT going to tell you to set your alarm for the butt-crack of early each morning. 

This challenge IS going to encourage you to look at various actions you take during the day that may be taking more time than they need to take. This challenge will encourage you to make changes in your daily patterns, so you can free up time every day to spend doing things you actually enjoy.  

But how is this possible?  

Let's just say I've become a master at finding small blocks of time and putting them to good use. It's how I wrote and self-published a book and finished two college degrees. It's how I host/produce a weekly podcast and video blog post.  

Minutes matter. When you learn where they are squandered, you can start to put those minutes to productive use, so you can free up bigger blocks of time for larger projects.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q. Are you going to tell me to set my alarm clock for the butt-crack of early? 

A. Definitely not! Sleep is necessary for your physical and mental well-being. If anything, I suggest you start going to bed 30-minutes earlier! You probably need more sleep, not less.  

Q. How much time can I really expect to "find" each day?  

A. That all depends on you and what you want to accomplish in your life! . If you take a good look at how you use your time, it is not unrealistic to reclaim an hour or more each day!  

Q. Is this challenge really worth $37?

A. That all depends on you! If you seriously consider and act upon each of the 5 lessons, you may free up 5 - 7 hours of time each week. If this extra time allows you to participate in your favorite activities or improve important relationships, the price of this challenge is really a bargain, isn't it? :-)

Still not convinced? Read on... you are absolutely covered if you aren't satisfied with this challenge.

Q. What if, after the challenge is over, I wasn't able to reclaim any minutes in my day (nevermind the promised 30 - 90 minutes)? 

A. If you have learned to manage your time so effectively that NONE of these tips helps you reclaim any time during the day, I will happily refund your money. Don't be surprised, though, if I ask you for your time-saving/reclaiming tips! :-) To request a refund, simply e-mail me at ddoyon [at] donnadoyon [dot] com.  

Q. When I pressed the button to buy the course it brought me to a weird looking page that asks me to create an account using my name and e-mail address. I'm not sure I trust it. 

A. Thank you for being mindful of where you are sharing your personal information online! 

My courses are hosted on the ProductDyno course platform (that means they have all the bells and whistles, I just write the tune for them to play). In the browser URL line, you should see "/app.productdyno.com" in the web address (plus the extra info they need to register you into my challenge). ProductDyno is a reputable course hosting platform. Once you sign up, you will receive your ProductDyno login information and password. 

All payments are processed thru Stripe.

Q. What can I do to be more successful at reclaiming my time?  

A. First, listen to each audio lesson/challenge. Download the worksheet. Take time to consider how that lesson applies to your daily use of time. Once you've identified those areas that are eating up minutes each day, consider how you can change your behavior to reduce the amount of time you are spending on those activities.  

Seriously consider and evaluate what is most important to you AND whether your time choices are supporting those relationships or activities. Take a good look at your daily patterns and see where you have fallen in to patterns of time wasting. Identify them and then change them  

Q. Will you be available to answer questions or provide support?  

A. I am available to you in my Facebook group Start Today and Continue Tomorrow. It's a free, but private group. I am an active facilitator, so ask your questions there and I'll be happy to answer them!  


What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Who am I and what do I know about this stuff?

In 2003, as I approached my 40th birthday, I was working on a trifecta of personal goals!  

I was working to:  

  • Self-publish my first book.
  • Complete the requirements to earn the Distinguished Toastmaster designation (the highest Toastmasters International speaking and leadership award)
  • Complete the requirements to earn my Masters Degree in Adult Education

One night at work, I was sitting at a table in the break room with co-workers.They were chatting while I munched on a peanut butter sandwich and read a text book.  

"When do you do laundry?" a co-worker asked.  

I looked up from my book. "What?"  

"When do you do laundry? Or buy groceries? Or do the dozens of other things we have to do to when we have a family?"  

I remember shrugging.  

It wasn't something I thought about. I just got those things done as they needed to be done.  

I found and used spare minutes each and every day. I learned to identify and avoid the mesmerizing traps of daily routines that used up my time, energy and focus.  

It is a technique that I've used over and over again whenever I want to get more done without having to give up precious sleep time. 

I can help you identify some of those traps, so you can start side-stepping them and free up the time you need to pursue your personal goals and dreams.  

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